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Knox Garden Box Product List
King48" x 96" - 4' x 8'$829.00
Queen42" x 90" - 3 1/2' x 7 1/2'$768.00
Balcony24" x 72" - 2' x 6'$692.00
Prince12" x 36" - 1' x 3'$185.00
Mini Box8" x 24"$ 44.00
Handles (set of 2)$ 35.00
Wheels (set of 4)$ 115.00
Soil Requirements
King Model30 Cubic Feet
Queen Model23 Cubic Feet
Balcony Model10 Cubic Feet
Prince Model3 Cubic Feet
Mini Box1 Cubic Feet
Ordering Instructions Call (831) 461-9430
All boxes made from heavily constructed Redwood
All legs on above models are 36" (3 ft) tall (excluding the Mini box)
Custom special orders available
All Knox Garden Boxes come already assembled,
but can be dis-assembled for shipping
FOB 46 El Pueblo Rd, Scotts Valley, CA 95066
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  • Order your Knox Garden Box today.
  • Boxes are available in multiple sizes, with legs on all models 3-feet tall.
  • Custom orders available.
  • Boxes come assembled but can be unassembled upon request.
  • Convenient handles and wheels available.
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